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Which Bachelor Contestant Is Peter’s Mom Begging Him to Bring Home?

Much like Colton Underwood’s fence jump, the big teaser on this season of The Bachelor is Peter Weber’s mom crying and begging her son to “bring her home.” The clip, which has been a huge topic of conversation since the very first season 24 preview, shows Barbara Weber entirely distraught begging her son to bring a mystery woman home. What possibly could have happened that reduced Peter’s sweet, pure mother to tears? As new information develops, we think we know which contestant Peter’s mom is begging him to bring home.

While Peter’s season has had its fair share of ups and downs, he’s managed to whittle his dating pool down to his final four women. While we’re not sure what’s awaiting us in the coming weeks, the previews have pointed to one crucial moment fans can’t stop talking about. Amidst crying women and continued drama, the latest season preview again aired the much-talked-about clip of Peter’s mother. In the video, Peter’s mom has tears streaming down her face. She’s so upset she can barely speak, but she manages to choke out a few words, “Don’t let her go.” Barbara continues, “Don’t let her go. That’s what love stories are made out of and God has placed her there for you. Bring her home, bring her home to us.” The clip has sparked tons of conversation among fans of The Bachelor, who just can’t imagine who his mother would feel so strongly about. Keep in mind that the Bachelor’s family spends very little time with his final four women, yet Barbara seems incredibly invested in one particular girl. Who could it be?

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With other information that emerged last week, it’s likely the woman Peter’s mom is referring to is contestant Madison Prewett. Let’s take a look at the evidence. Madison is clearly Peter’s front runner. Unprompted, he told her he was falling in love with her, a confession he hasn’t made to the other women. In addition, Madison already spent time with Peter’s family. During her first one-on-one date, she attended his parents’ vow renewal, where she had a conversation with his mom about her feelings for Peter. His mother came right out and told Madison that she liked her and that she could tell Peter was fairly smitten.

Madison Prewett The Bachelor

Last week, however, we also discovered that Madison is very religious. She described her beliefs as the most important thing in the world and stated that she wanted her husband to lead the family in faith. In the preview for the next episode, Madison also admits that she’s saving herself for marriage. Not only is she abstaining from sex, but she also made it clear that, if Peter were to sleep with someone else, she would find it very difficult to move forward. Peter, for his part, has been vocal about his belief that sex is an important part of a relationship.

Now, here’s our hypothesis. When Peter chooses his final three women for Fantasy Suite dates, he’ll keep Madison. At that point, Madison will also inform Peter that she doesn’t want him to sleep with anyone else. Unfortunately, Peter will ignore her request and he will sleep with one of his other finalists. When Madison finds out, likely during their last date where she meets his family again, she’ll send herself home. Heartbroken, Peter will send his other finalist home and turn to his mother for advice. Cue Barb’s tears. With his mother’s blessing, Peter will pursue Madison once again, eventually convincing her to be with him. Finally, everything will end in a beautiful happily ever after.

While we can’t be entirely sure what happens, the evidence supports this theory. Barbara already has a relationship with Madison and has expressed her genuine affection toward the girl. Madison made it clear that she would struggle to move forward if Peter slept with someone, but Pete also made it clear that he did sleep with someone. Also, Barbara’s comment about God placing a certain woman there for Peter aligns with Madison’s deeply held religious beliefs. Peter’s mom is crying about Madison, we’re sure of it. Now we simply have to wait to confirm our hypothesis.

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8pm EST on ABC.

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