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How to Make, Share, and Use Other Players’ Custom Designs[edit]

The Custom Designs app lets you make your own designs or download some via QR codes. Once you unlock the Able Sisters shop you can approach the Kiosk and Post any of your custom designs, Search by Design ID, or Search by Creator ID. You need a paid subscription to Nintendo Online to access this feature.

While you can “wear” any of the QR code designs you download (from New Leaf or a third party, fanmade site like ACPatterns) on a generic top you cannot share those specific designs with others (at least, not directly through ACNH) or wear them as anything other a generic tank top or face paint.

So this Able Sisters Kiosk lets you get and share designs originally made in Animal Crossing: New Horizons via a Creator ID or individual Design ID. This even includes pro designs! Which can be garments such as tops (tank top, short sleeve, long-sleeve dress shirt, sweater, hoodie, coat) dresses (sleeveless, short-sleeve, long sleeve, round, balloon-hem, robe), and hats (brimmed cap, knit cap, and brimmed hat). The Pro Design upgrade can be purchased at Nook

Saving other players’ designs is totally free. No bells, no Nook Miles! All you need is an empty design slot.

How to Find and Share Your Creator ID[edit]

You may have already made some cool designs made by the time you unlock the Able Sisters shop. To share them you can post the your Creator ID!

To get your creator code approach the able sister Kiosk and hit share. This will generate and display your code!

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Creator/TownCreator ID CodeDesign Aesthetics
Lily!, FlavortownMA-5918-0956-4953Cute, Animals, Space, fruit
Imane, Honey IsleMA-7709-6971-3896Cute, Deadly, Froggy, Video Game References
Lavender, PastelitaMA-5558-6906-8945LGBTQ flags and face paint, plant/fence placeholders, frilly.
Bready, CovensteadMA-9309-4930-0666Pastel goth, rainbows, animals, food hats.
Dhalia, MorikoMA-7028-6863-4390Cute, floral, pastel.

ACNH – Original Custom Designs and Creator IDs

ACNH – Froggy Designs

Item DescriptionDesign IDCreator/Town
Daisy (long-sleeve dress)MO-HJ7F-1V0V-3YY0Imane, Honey Isle
Princess Peach (long-sleeve dress)MO-S0WD-Y5NR-3CWFImane, Honey Isle
Princess Peach (long-sleeve dress)MO-N8JN-5YBN-G982Riggs, Riggsland
Item DescriptionDesign IDCreator/Town
Triforce (Knit Cap)MO-N21J-RHBJ-R5QDBren, Hyrule


Item DescriptionDesign IDCreator/Town
Tracer’s JacketMO-SBVT-XSNG-MSNTDristan, Wispwood
D.VA (short-sleeve tee)MO-4ND8-F9XG-LQ8HDristan, Wispwood
Genji‘s HoodieMO-GPKH-KFCB-RJPVDristan, Wispwood
Reinhardt (short-sleeve tee)MO-3R4K-8259-1R9GDristan, Wispwood
Zarya (tank top)MO-XD70-12G2-5XFXDristan, Wispwood


Item DescriptionDesign IDCreator/Town
Snom (Brimmed Cap)MO-MF83-R1BJ-44DQImane, Honey Isle
Hilbert (Hoodie)MO-D0T5-WDJ4-JQRVSander, Snom Isle
Hilbert (Brimmed Cap)MO-T96F-BF3M-NN7SSander, Snom Isle

Fire Emblem[edit]

Mega Man[edit]

Item DescriptionDesign IDCreator/Town
Zero Custom DesignMO-GQKF-W0TC-4NKVBunny, Zanarkand
Z Custom DesignMO-K71T-3Q8W-MBDTBunny, Zanarkand

Sonic The Hedgehog[edit]

Item DescriptionDesign IDCreator/Town
Robotnik CoatMO-HKMR-KP43-M4QQRiggs, Riggsland

Splatoon 2[edit]

Item DescriptionDesign IDCreator/Town
Takoroka Mesh (Brimmed Cap)MO-1GCS-FCCX-BPFJTay, Rakuen
Item DescriptionDesign IDCreator/Town
Arkham Knight (Sweater)MO-01JB-Q2LJ-SHLSBren, Hyrule

Dance Dance Revolution[edit]

Item DescriptionDesign IDCreator/Town
DDR ArrowMO-XY6H-JBT6-4PC1Tay, Rakuen
Item DescriptionDesign IDCreator/Town
Ultraman DesignMO-6N8C-KHNV-RS42Masq, Waystead
Naruto JacketMO-XTVD-WNS9-2H1DAlysari, Luminose
Deku Long-Sleeve Dress ShirtMO-Q1CY-2P84-7RJ6Toan, Koholint
Chibi Moon Balloon-Hem DressMO-NWV7-W8GL-XN1NBunny, Zanarkand
Killua SweaterMO-04X5-S7XS-2RMNAlysari, Lumiose
Gon JacketMO-WHVT-BMRL-WF6MAlysari, Lumiose
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Item DescriptionDesign IDCreator/Town
AEW Wrestling HoodieMO-CTT0-F8J0-6Y42Riggs, Riggsland
Item DescriptionDesign IDCreator/Town
Pocahontas (sleeveless dress)MO-PWQ1-S2QP-G35RVictoria, Ohana
Mulan (robe)MO-W7C6-YXCV-C2DPVictoria, Ohana
Mulan Bridal (robe)MO-KHY9-6NN9-WPBFVictoria, Ohana
Ariel (long-sleeve dress)MO-RGB5-KG40-TGD6Victoria, Ohana
Ariel Blue (long-sleeve dress)MO-DPFR-SV8N-W0Q3Victoria, Ohana
Moana (sleeveless dress)MO-YQK2-T0SX-KBT7Victoria, Ohana
Tiana (long-sleeve dress)MO-M2PL-7Q6Q-5YL5Victoria, Ohana
Rapunzel (long-sleeve dress)MO-764C-SMYF-HRYVVictoria, Ohana
Snow White (long-sleeve dress)MO-L5K2-WRVF-F1P7Victoria, Ohana
Cinderella (long-sleeve dress)MO-TCTP-6JYK-H6NFVictoria, Ohana

D&D (Critical Role)[edit]

Item DescriptionDesign IDCreator/Town
Caduceus Lv. 10MO-YS9R-5WMR-7DRLValkyrie, Eleusinia
Caleb Lv. 10MO-D3LJ-72TB-DNPHValkyrie, Eleusinia
Jester Lv. 10MO-YQL6-SQ5C-Q39KValkyrie, Eleusinia
Fjord Lv. 10MO-SM2H-BDQG-T66MValkyrie, Eleusinia
Essek ThelyssMO-RHDD-BJMV-9BTKValkyrie, Eleusinia
MollymaukMO-YMB8-68VP-PFDVValkyrie, Eleusinia
Nott Lv. 10MO-KKY9-WLLY-6VDYValkyrie, Eleusinia
Yasha Lv. 10MO-HVKJ-XPDL-R29WValkyrie, Eleusinia
Beau Lv. 10 (Skintone 8)MO-H3X3-5N78-6B0HValkyrie, Eleusinia
Beau Lv. 10 (Skintone 7)MO-QCGY-59SW-F6LDValkyrie, Eleusinia
Beau Lv. 10 (Skintone 6)MO-7S71-75CX-V39MValkyrie, Eleusinia
Beau Lv. 10 (Skin 5)MO-7MSP-VQXY-YT6WValkyrie, Eleusinia

Nintendo Voice Chat (NVC)[edit]

Item DescriptionDesign IDCreator/Town
NVC (short-sleeve tee)MO-3VYW-5HD5-D82GBren, Hyrule

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